Track TILLr Residue Management

Don't Just Fill Your Tracks, TILL Them

Track TILLr

Why is the Track TILLr a Tough Act to Follow?

Not A Track Filler, A Track TILLr

Unique to the industry, the Orthman Track TILLr tills out the pivot track side walls with 22” cutting coulters and redistributes the soil that was pushed out, making for a solid foundation.

Industry-Exclusive Design

With an overall wider working width and a heavier frame design, the Track TILLr is effective at tilling out the sidewall of the pivot track and re-conditioning the track with soil rather than just residue.

Versatile Performance In-Field

The adjustable disc gangs and dual basket conditioners fine-tune the pivot track back to field level for a smooth pass with the next tillage or planting operation.


Discover the next generation of tillage equipment with the Orthman Track Tillr, setting new standards for precision, versatility, and durability.

The Track TILLr 500 is proven to level soil nearly three times flatter than conventional track fillers with standard rolling levelers.

Options & Accessories

Customize Your Track TILLr Experience

Make our Track TILLr your own to ensure it suits your operation's needs.




Track TILLr
Hitch CAT 3/3NCAT 2 Quick
Frame Rigid
Disc Gang Blades Per Side(Inner to Outer) 22”, 18”, 18”, 18” 16”, 16”
Trans. Width 8' 8"
Trans.Height N/A
Work Width 8'6"
Trans. Length 10'
Approx. Weight 2,750 lbs
Min H.P.  -
Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Orthman products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.