Stalk PULLr Tillage

Root Out Residue for an Ideal Seedbed

Stalk PULLr

Why is Stalk PULLr a Tough Act to Follow?

Ideal Preparation For Any Crop

The Orthman Stalk PULLr is the perfect residue management and seedbed preparation tool for multiple crops including corn, cotton, milo and sunflowers.  With multiple adjustment options, the tool can pull the entire root ball or be set to just cut the stalk off at the root ball crown.

High-Speed Stalk Removal

In one pass the Stalk PULLr removes weeds and crop residue to dry the soil faster for better planter pass and uniform emergence.  24-inch ground-driven cutting discs require low H.P. at operation speeds up to 12 M.P.H., allowing you to cover more acres with less fuel.

Maintenance Free, Worry Free

The Orthman Stalk Pullr has self-lubricating composite greaseless bushings in the row unit parallel linkage eliminating daily maintenance, helping you stay in the field covering more acres.



Pull stalks and root balls out of the row with pinpoint precision for faster decomposition while only disturbing a few inches of soil for true no-till performance.

When it comes to residue management in your fields, look to the Orthman lineup of tillage tools and the model 600 Stalk PULLr. With horsepower requirements of just 5-10 hp per row and operating speeds of 10 mph or more, you can cover more acres in a day with less fuel than other methods to keep more of the soil-building residue in your field.

Options & Accessories

Customize Your Stalk PULLr Experience

Ensure that every feature aligns perfectly with your farming operation's needs.




Stalk PULLr


Stalk PULLr


Stalk PULLr


Stalk PULLr


Stalk PULLr


Stalk PULLr
Row Spacing 36-40" 30" 38" 30" 36-38" 38-40" 36-38" 38-40" 30" 36-38" 38-40" 30" 38-40" 36"
Rigid/Folding Rigid Rigid Rigid Rigid Rigid Rigid Folding Folding Folding Folding Folding Folding Folding Folding
Fold Style - - - - - - 180° 180° 180° 171° 171° 173° Top Truss Top Truss
Toolbar Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Single 7x7 Double 7x7 Double 7x7
Hitch CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 3/3N CAT 4/4N CAT 4/4N
Transport Width 13'4" 15'0" 18'0" 20'0" 24'0" 25'0" 13'5" 14'3" 15'11" 19'7" 21'0" 22'8" 28'2" 31'8"
Approx. Weight 2,205 2,970 3,110 3,750 3,925 3,955 4,780 4,850 6,340 6,920 7,055 9,430 11,690 12,590
Standard parking stands, transport lighting, dual 24" concave blades